art works in progress

Since 1996 I'm working an artistic and open project in process named Malpais (Badlands). It is based on the conflict between architecture, the city and the identity and where where a tour of

Different spaces and peripheral territories in process of transformation..


Malpais investigates the direct relations between the continue redefinitions and readings of the limits of the cities and Presents a series of works in hybrid format (video, photography and installation) leaving

exposed spaces and territories whose main characteristic is the absence of an identity

defined. The non-places


These "non-places" coincide on its appearance and characteristics in most spaces and territories  where the project has been developed and where it has been raised as a process of research and production of works related to cities That with its continuous transformation have created their own territories of conflict identity / urbanism as they have been the following proposals: Barcelona (Hortus 1996), Paris (Lejardi 1997), New York (roundtrip 1998), Rome (Sur 1999), El Paso / Ciudad Juarez (Borders 2001) Brooklyn (OverPass 2003), Dublin (OutBorders 2006) ... and lately the airport spaces (Aeropolis 2009) and the abandoned and ruined territories after a process of de-industrialization (Disurbia, 2015).


The works that make up the MalPais project are based on fragmented visual structures

(Photo structures) and occupation architectures (video installation) where from a transversal language

 is provoked a multiple look towards the limits of the territories.